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Snow Shield is an original solution to a common problem for building contractors – the backbreaking and tedious labor required to clear inclement weather debris from construction sites. Let our snow tarp do the clearing, so you can get back to building.


SugarHouse Industries developed the first Snow Shield snow removal tarp more than 30 years ago. Capable of clearing hundreds of feet of snow in just minutes, Snow Shields will save you hours of work and protect your employees by safely removing snow in difficult and dangerous construction areas.
Made out of the most durable materials and by following best-in-class manufacturing practices, our snow tarps have been tested to lift 10,000 lbs. of snow without fail.

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Snow Shields™ are durable and pay for themselves by cutting down on labor cost and keeping our projects on schedule.
Grand River Construction, Hudsonville, MI
Snow Shields™ saved us 500 hours on one project alone! We apply them over forms and footings prior to a storm. They free our crew from the slow task of shoveling snow.
Go West Development, Park City, UT

We have found Snow Shields™ incredibly useful in the winter months.  We lay them down in the evenings to protect the footings and rebar from frost and snow. They are a real time saver in the morning, when all we have to do is lift them up and get back to work.

We also use them to weight down our curing blankets, which tend to blow off during the night.

Grand River Construction, Hudsonville, MI

Snow Shields™ have many applications in our construction projects. We cover the slab before concrete is poured if we know snow is in the forecast. It saves from having to dig snow out between rebar all day.

We use Snow Shields in other ways too. Concrete blankets tend to blow in the wind so we lay Snow Shields on top of the tarps to keep them in place.

Snow Shields are great at stopping frost from forming on roofs as well. They allow us to get right to work.

Depriest Construction, Blanca, CO

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