3 Things to Consider When Buying a Snow Tarp

The crisp fall air has many dreaming of waking to a fresh blanket of snow. And others are dreading the day the white fluffy stuff makes its debut since it can really sidetrack construction projects. Fortunately, snow lifting tarps remove snow quickly and easily allowing a crew to spend less time clearing and more time building.

There are several types of snow removal tarps on the market. However, to really get the job done, you should have a snow tarp that suits your needs and will last. 

So how do you pick one? While there are multiple factors you could weigh, we’ve put together the top three we think you should take into account when buying.


Quality should be at the top of your list for any product you are purchasing, especially one that will possibly be lifting thousands of pounds of snow. A snow tarp should be able to handle lifting that weight without tearing and should also be flexible. Here are a few more aspects you should check when comparing quality. 

  • Thickness and material. Heavy-duty tarps should be at least 13 mil thick. Even with comparable materials, the quality of a tarp is determined by how the elements come together. For example, the stitching thread and pattern used on reinforcement points make a significant difference with how much weight a snow tarp can lift.
  • Fabric. PVC coated polyester is highly durable and flexible, it’s the ideal choice for industrial purposes such as floor coverings and snow lifting.
  • Don’t overlook the details. Webbing strength refers to how much force the webbing straps can handle and doesn’t define the lifting capacity of a snow tarp.
  • Has the tarp been tested for durability and lift capacity? You probably don’t want to buy a snow lifting tarp that hasn’t been proven to actually work. 

Ease of Use:

Another important feature when selecting a tarp is its ease of use. Are eight straps better than four? A tarp with eight straps doesn’t hold any more snow and it will require extra time to disconnect from a crane than one with four.

What is the length of the strap? Is it long enough to easily connect to a crane’s hitch? Strap extenders are a good option if you are utilizing a single lifting point because they reduce the amount of work it’s required to lift the snow-laden corners of the tarp to reach the center.


You might think that color is all about looks until you are digging through the snow to find your tarp! Highly visible colors such as red, yellow, and orange make it easier to spot a tarp and straps against the white snow. When time is of the essence, shaving a few minutes for each tarp load can really benefit how quickly your crew is back to building.

A Snow Shield snow tarp has all three factors. It’s made from 18-oz. vinyl-coated polyester, has been tested and certified to lift 10,000 lbs. of snow, is bright red, and not only has good-sized straps but has the option of strap extenders. It’s also easy to use with four straps allowing you to hook it up in minutes. 

You have the option of purchasing our 20’x20’ or 25’x25’ snow lifting tarps online or you can find a local dealer here.