About Snow Shields

SugarHouse Industries was founded in 1941 as an awnings business. Throughout the years, our line of products has grown exponentially. During that time, we realized the need for a quick and easy way to clear a large amount of snow in a short time. In 1984, we developed the original snow removal tarp. We branded our snow lifting tarp as Snow Shields and in 2019, we became the world’s largest manufacturer and seller of snow removal tarps. 

Snow Shields are manufactured in our 30,000 sq. ft. Utah facility. Ready to ship anywhere in the US and Canada when you need them, Snow Shields are used in a variety of applications. General contractors can keep equipment, materials, and job sites clear of ice and snow. Snow Shields are fantastic to secure concrete curing blankets from wind and keep damage at bay. And roofing contractors can easily remove snow from commercial flat roofs. 

The weakest element in a product’s design is its most common cause for failure. Over the past 30 years, our product engineers have continued to evaluate the Snowshield materials and design to optimize durability and ease of use. 

We use bonded polyester thread since it is the strongest and has the greatest longevity.  Our proprietary stitch pattern has a strength capacity calculated and independently tested for elasticity and performance to support 10,000 lbs. of snow thus making Snow Shields the industry’s strongest snow tarp. Each corner is reinforced with extra layers of vinyl  and each loop is fortified by a second layer of webbing for maximum reinforcement of stress point. Our Snowshields have been certified to lift 10,000 lbs more than 100 consecutive times without failing.

You can purchase Snow Shields online or from a selection of verified dealers