How to care for your snow tarp

Wouldn’t it be nice if our favorite products lasted for life without having to care for them at all? It would be nice, but not likely. With most products that you want to keep for a long time, there is some owner care that goes into it. Snow tarps are no exception. You can do a few things to keep them in tip-top shape. We’ve laid these steps out to get you started.

Pick a High-Quality Tarp

It may seem obvious but selecting a high-quality tarp is the first step in extending the life of a snow tarp. If your tarp is designed to last one application, it may not be worth the time and effort to make them last. 

Select the Right Tarp

It’s important to select the right tarp for the right application. Is the tarp you are using water repellent, mildew, and tear-resistant? Is it designed to withstand low temperatures? Is it meant to protect items from the elements or to lift materials?

Using the tarp properly is also important. Make sure to lay the tarps with the webbing on the bottom so that the straps will help lift the snow, instead of pulling on the tarp when lifting.

Check out the helpful resource “3 Things to Consider When Buying a Snow Tarp” for more information on selecting the right tarp for you.

Integrity of the Tarp

Inspect the integrity of the tarp to ensure there are no rips and tears on the fabric. If you are purchasing one of our Snow Shield snow lifting tarps and tears are found, please contact us to inquire about our repairs and replacement options.

Storage and Repair

Improper storage and not cleaning tarps can cause premature deterioration of the material shortening its life. Here are a couple of storage tips:

  • During the winter season, try to keep mold and mildew to a minimum by cleaning the mud, gravel, or other dirt prior to storing.
  • At the end of your seasons, rinse with water and dry both sides thoroughly prior to storage.

Sometimes, repairs need to happen. Customers can choose to ship their snow shields to our manufacturing facility in Utah to repair the tarp. We will repair small damages that don’t compromise the integrity of the Snow Shield. Those repairs don’t exceed $175 per tarp. Please contact us prior to shipping your tarp to discuss your needs.

Owner maintenance is pretty low when it comes to Snow Shield snow tarps. We produce a high-quality product that we know is built to last. And as mentioned, we do provide repair services when they are needed. 

You can purchase Snow Shields online here or you can get them from a local dealer