Strap extenders make it easier to reach a single lifting point by extending the length of the webbing loops.

  • Five-foot extensions increase the Snow Shield strap length to just over 6’, allowing you to reach a single lift point with ease.
  • Easy to use by creating a slipknot with the Snow Shield’s corner loops and simply hooking to a crane’s vertical hitch.
  • Large loops make it easier to handle and detach even when the straps are frozen.
  • Ultra-strength webbing means that a set of extender straps will match the existing weight rating of our Snow Shields so you can lift them with confidence.
  • Reinforced, double-layered loops allow for high strength as well as good abrasion resistance.
  • Removable straps can be quickly transferred from one Snow Shield to another allowing you to get repeated use out of one set.
  • Set of four (4) strap extenders are included with each package.

Download PDF Spec Sheet – USA